Add Color to Your Landscape without Additional Maintenance

Posted by Growing Solutions

Green on green landscapes can mean lower maintenance requirements than a garden full of colorful flowering plants. But who wants an all green garden? Our landscape designers at Growing Solutions, LLC can create a colorful and low maintenance garden for your Connecticut landscape with easy care, colorful foliage plants.




This property had mostly green leaved plants with little interest.

ape with easy care, colorful foliage plants.

Even the Japanese red maple tree was lost in a sea of green plants.










Our landscape designers by adding plants with strong foliage color, leaf texture and strong shapes turned a dull green landscape into a garden with constant interest. While maintaining the clients need for low maintenance requirements.



Adding trees with strong foliage color throughout the landscape adds color to the garden from April to November. Fall is an excellent time to plant trees for foliage color next spring.




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